I’m Michael – Welcome to Wandering Sole Photography!

I have to admit it up front: I have an unshakable case of wanderlust. I’m a mountain addict, a map ogler, and a gear junkie. I feel most comfortable in my worn-through pair of boots and most at home soaking in the sun on a snow-covered mountaintop. I think marathons and 50-pound packs are fun, and it’s never too early to crawl out of my sleeping bag if it means being in exactly the right spot to catch the sunrise. My garage is filled with skis, road bikes, and a sea kayak, and my only regret is that I haven’t yet planned a trip that allows me to utilize all three simultaneously.


I’ve set my sights on exploring every last inch of the wondrous Pacific Northwest.  That’s probably too lofty a goal to ever truly achieve, but I’m enjoying pursuing it one mountain, waterfall, brewery, sunrise, and starry night sky at a time. My list of places to adventure grows instead of shrinks with every new place I set foot and with every like-minded explorer with whom I share a trail and a conversation.


The pursuit of that ever-expanding list is how I got my start as a professional photographer.  I was a graduate student in oceanography, spending weekends backpacking and living the remainder of the week hidden away in the laboratory.  I was in the mountains enough that messages from friends checking in on me became the new norm.  My (half-joking) response: #ProofofLifeMonday. Every week, I posted a photo from my weekend’s adventure as evidence that I had returned safely.  The enthusiastic response from family and friends to my photography was beyond anything I anticipated, and it was with this encouragement that I embarked on the continuing journey that is Wandering Sole Photography. I still keep up with #ProofofLifeMonday to give family and friends a sneak-peek at my work as a thank-you for all the support they’ve lent me.


Outdoor adventure remains at the core of my photography and my personality. Simply because they are the places to which I am most drawn, my subjects tend towards difficult-to-reach mountain landscapes.  My wilderness partners also feature prominently, both because they’re awesome people for accepting my obsession and because the feat of traveling across rugged landscapes captivates me.  The parts of my life that don’t often pass in front of my lens are spent outdoors running and cycling or on trip planning and interacting with equally overzealous outdoor photographers and explorers.


I’m constantly on the lookout for new places, new perspectives, and new friends in the outdoors.  I invite you to join me in my adventures via Instagram (@wanderingsolephotography) and to reach out – I would love to hear from you!